Core Board


Core Board



Cenpa – Independent producer of core board and hygienic board since 1893

Cenpa is located in Schweighouse-Sur-Moder in Alsace, France. The Mill is specialised in producing board for industrial and hygienic applications. Since May 2016, Cenpa is an independent paper mill. Except for manufacturing the products of the known parameters, the miss aims to become the partner, who supports the customers not only in production but alsi on the strategy of their future development by the individualized approach to challenges put in front of the Mill.

As experts in recycling paper, Cenpa manufactures core and hygienic board with a wide range of qualities regarding weight, width and other characteristics, suitable for various needs and accompanied by the technical service. In the current portfolio, the Mill offers paperboard for different kinds of industries, including industrial tubes, packaging and hygienic tubes. Being familiar with end use-specific requirements, Cenpa is able to define or develop together with the customers the board that meets their needs.